Count pigeons around you BNHS organizes Rock Pigeon count this week


Mumbai: Pigeon is one of the most commonly observed birds around us. People often talk about pigeons but data on this bird is insufficient. BNHS announces a count of Rock Pigeons and their feeding grounds throughout this week to study their ecology and behavior. BNHS urges bird watchers, ornithologists, and all nature lovers to record and report sightings of Rock Pigeons in their vicinity.

Rock Pigeon (Columba livia) is now commonly sighted in large numbers in urban as well as rural areas. Though their original habitat is cliffs and rocky coasts, rapid urbanization with construction of tall buildings offer plenty spaces for nesting to pigeons. ‘Kabutar khaanas’ have been established in a number of places to feed pigeons regularly which attract large congregation of these birds. People feed pigeons for a variety of reasons, including cultural and religious. There is a growing concern over rapid increase in the population of rock pigeons which might directly affect people living nearby. There have been discussions about diseases being spread due to pigeons but sufficient data is not available for further analysis.

To gather data about this common bird and study its ecology and behavior, BNHS has organized a count of rock pigeons throughout this week under its Common Bird Monitoring Programme. Bird watchers can count pigeons around kabutar khaanas or any places which host large groups of pigeons. The data collected can be sent to us on The participants are also required to send the GPS location of kabutar khaana / the place where they count pigeons.

In a nutshell
What: Count pigeons around you
When to count: Anytime this week (till 28th May 2017)
Who can participate: Anyone with an interest in birds! This is a great opportunity to learn about the behavior and ecology of Rock Pigeon.
How to count: Visit any place where you see pigeons or visit kabutar khaanas, record sightings and email them on Remember to also share the GPS location and photographs if possible.
For further details contact: Mr. Nandkishor Dudhe on / 7620193207


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