Zelensky tells Ukraine conference pressure on Moscow is increasing


Burgenstock, June 15 (IANS/DPA) Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky believes that the peace conference in Switzerland will increase the pressure on Moscow, but other conference attendees were not so optimistic.

The two-day meeting of 92 states and eight international organisations brought back the idea that joint efforts could stop a war and establish trust and peace, Zelensky said on Saturday shortly before the delegations began their deliberations.

“We have managed to give diplomacy a chance.”

Swiss President Viola Amherd dampened expectations.

“Our goals are modest,” she said, explaining that the aim of the conference was to inspire a process for lasting and just peace. The importance of international law as the basis of the international order is central to this, she said. “Russia’s attack violates this in the most serious way,” Amherd said.

Russia was not invited to take part in the conference, and China, an important ally of Moscow, is also not attending.

Even if there is only limited hope for concrete results, the summit is seen as an important sign of international solidarity with Ukraine. It is also about gaining the broadest possible international support for the Ukrainian peace plan with a complete withdrawal of Russia from Ukrainian territory.



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