Woman earns praise from PM Modi for following Covid norms


New Delhi, June 19 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi has praised a mother, who had separated herself from her 6-year-old son after getting infected with the coronavirus, for her courage. The mother wrote a letter to the Prime Minister and narrated her ordeal through a poem.

Ghaziabad resident Pooja Verma and her husband got infected in April, after which they isolated themselves in different rooms at their home. It was a challenge for them to keep their son safe from the virus. They decided to keep their 6-year-old son in another room.

Pooja, her husband and their son lived in the same house, but in different rooms for a period of 14 days. This was a time most difficult in their life as Pooja talked to her son on a video call while living in the same house. She ordered food for him from outside and made him comfortable so that he could not feel alone.

Pooja narrated this most difficult period of her life through a poem (mother’s compulsion in Covid). After expressing her pain in a letter she sent it to the Prime Minister. However, she and her husband had never thought that a reply would come.

The 36-year-old Pooja Verma told IANS, “my husband was infected first on April 6, we got him tested at Yashoda Hospital. Just a few days later I also started showing symptoms of the coronavirus and later I also tested positive.”

After both the parents got infected, their agony started as their son refused to live alone. “We used to order food for him from outside, and made him read, study and play, and told him not to come out of the room,” she said.

She further said, “I wrote a poem describing those moments of our life and sent it to the Prime Minister on April 25. After a few days, a call came from the PMO to know our condition. They told us that Prime Minister Modi read your poem and he liked it very much. Then on June 8, I got a reply to my poem from the Prime Minister in which he praised me.”

Prime Minister’s reply to Pooja Verma said, “the way you have put into words the thoughts that emerge in your mind of a mother fighting corona while separated from your child, is so well written. Poems are a powerful medium of communication. Poems have the wonderful ability to express the thoughts and feelings of the mind in words. Your poem covers many such expressions of a mother’s love, affection, her concern for being away from the child, her anxiety.”



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