Surjewala defends his demon jibe, says violence and injustice work of demonic nature (Ld)


Defending his words, Surjewala in a tweet, said, “Emotion and sentiment in dialogue are more important than words, which only a sensitive person can understand.”

Mentioning the words from the mythical Mahabharata to target the Manohar Lal Khattar government in Haryana over the alleged paper leaks, the Congress Rajya Sabha MP said, “Just like the Kauravas tricked the Pandavas and snatched their rights, in the same way the BJP-JJP government of Haryana is not only ‘disqualifying’ 35,900 CET-pass youths of Haryana from appearing in the examination after making them struggle for four years but also running a bulldozer on their future by getting 41 out of 100 questions of August 6 paper repeated on August 7 and by saying that they are correct.”

He further alleged that 43 papers were leaked, and there was rigging in recruitments, there was a briefcase incident in Public Service Commission, crores of rupees were seized, who are the ones who are putting such an eclipse on the future of our youth – in the form of a demon or a deity?

“The same BJP-JJP government is not allowing even the idols of Guru Ravidas, Maharishi Valmiki, Sant Kabir to be installed in Jind. This society is sitting under the statue of Babasaheb Ambedkar in the scorching heat but no one is listening. Is this behaviour with the Dalit society a godly form or an asuri (demon)? In my point of view, violence and injustice is the work of demonic nature,” he said.

He also targeted the BJP-JJP government for the Nuh violence and said, “Haryana, the country’s most peaceful state, has witnessed an orgy of violence thrice during nine and a half years of BJP’s misrule. For the first time after Independence, caste riots took place twice in the BJP government, dozens of innocent people were killed by police bullets and then the firing in Panchkula and people were killed. Are all these misdeeds divine form?” Surjewala questioned.

Slamming the state government in Haryana, the Congress leader said, “The conspiracy to spread violence in Nuh was foiled by the people of Haryana by showing understanding, otherwise Haryana would have been bloodied for the fourth time as well.

He also mentioned the three farm laws, which were repealed in 2021 and also the alleged case of sexual harassment against the top wrestlers of the country and said, “They dragged our daughters, who brought laurels to the country all over the world, on the streets of Delhi like a misrule. What noun should be given to these people?”

He also alleged that the state government constantly wants to hide its failures behind emotional issues.

“The well-versed ruling dissidents and their handful of TV channels, who present mole as a palm, should emphasise on providing employment and justice to the afflicted, educated and neglected youth of the state, not on the daily cliched rhetoric! Instead of proving me wrong by making emotional noise, the entire BJP and Khattar Saheb media, should prove me wrong by giving justice to CET qualified youths, by giving justice to the youths suffering from HSSC-HPSC paper leak mafia, by giving justice to women players, by paying to elderly whose pensions were cut on the pretext of PPP, by giving justice to the Haryanvis who were harassed by property ID and family identity card, by giving justice to the youth who were forced to migrate abroad by selling their land, by taking action against the drug dealers. Otherwise, apologize to the people of the state,” he said.

“There must be others who would be afraid of the jackals of Khattar-Modi! As a people’s representative, it is my religion to raise public issues and to look into the eyes of those in power and ask public related questions! I will continue to follow this religion till my last breath,” Surjewala added.

Surjewala stirred a row on Sunday after he said that those who vote for the BJP and those who support the saffron party are like ‘rakshas (demons)’, during a meeting in Haryana’s Kaithal.

The Congress leader said, “The people of the BJP and the JJP… you are all demons. Those who vote for BJP and those who support the BJP have tendencies of demons.”

He also said that he was cursing them from the land of Mahabharta.

“If you have to ask, then ask the fathers and mothers of the children who could not sit in exams and demand for opportunities,” Surjewala remarked.




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