Official results confirm Mongolia’s ruling party secures parliamentary majority


Ulaanbaatar, July 1(IANS) The ruling Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) secured a narrow majority in regular parliamentary elections, as confirmed by the official results from the General Election Commission (GEC).

“The results from the hand-counted ballots matched those from the voting machines. Therefore, the GEC has approved a resolution confirming 126 candidates who have been declared winners as members of parliament,” the GEC said in a statement, reported Xinhua news agency.

A total of 1,341 candidates from 19 political parties and two coalitions, along with 42 independents, competed in the elections for the State Great Khural, the country’s parliament.

The MPP won a total of 68 seats, while the main opposition Democratic Party secured 42 seats. The Hun Party, translating to “Person” in Mongolian, obtained eight seats. Additionally, the Civil Will-Green Party and the National Coalition, consisting of the Mongolian National Democratic Party and the Mongolian Green Party, each secured four seats.

In May 2023, the State Great Khural passed amendments to increase the number of legislators from 76 to 126.

The elections were conducted under a mixed electoral system, with 78 legislators elected through majority representation and 48 through proportional representation.

Mongolia’s unicameral parliament operates on a four-year term.



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