Nitish was always restless to achieve ministerial berths, says Lalu Prasad


Patna, July 5 (IANS) On the 25th Foundation Day of the Rashtriya Janata Dal, Lalu Prasad claimed that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was always restless to achieve ministerial berths in the cabinet.

“I was the one who promoted Nitish Kumar in the cabinet of Vishwanath Pratap Singh government in 1989. He was given a post of union minister of state in agriculture. That was his first ministerial post at the Centre,” Lalu Prasad said while virtually addressing the party workers on the 25th Foundation Day of the RJD.

Lalu Prasad was looking physically weak due to illness. He said that he would rather die but not retract from his stand.

“I helped five leaders to achieve the post of Prime Minister. I played the role of kingmaker but never thought for myself,” he said.

He revealed many interesting stories including the situation before 1990 in Bihar.

“The situation before 1990 was such that backward class people were not allowed by forward castes to sit on chairs or ride a bicycle. If anyone sat in the seat of a bus or train, they were forced to go to the back of the vehicle. It was the Lalu Prasad government which gave strength to the backward class and allowed them to stand alongside the forward class,” Lalu said.

“During our struggle period, we did not have shoes or slippers, still we fought for the poor people. During the JP movement, a section of people spread rumours about Lalu being shot dead. These rumours also gave strength to the JP movement,” Lalu said.


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