Modi will hoist national flag from Red Fort in 2024 too, BJP counters JD-U


“I don’t want to say anything on those people who have mental disorder. Is JD-U a political party? It is not in a form of political party. It is a cut and paste party,” Chaudhary said.

“Narendra Modi will hoist the national flag at the Red Fort in future. They should not dream about it. Nitish Kumar has declared himself as a Prime Minister in Darbhanga,” Chaudhary said.

Earlier, JD-U took a dig at Modi, asking him not to lob jumlas among countrymen this time.

While uploading a video on X (earlier Twitter), the JD-U said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the country for the last time from the Red Fort and it is expecting that PM should speak on public related issues in his last speech from Red Fort.

“We have great expectation that PM will talk on public related issues. He will talk on Manipur. People of the country have listened his Mann Ki Baat many hours. This time, they want from Narendra Modi to speak truth,” JD-U wrote on X.

“We are doing caste-based survey in Bihar and your party BJP has made every effort to stop it. However, your party has failed in it. Hence, you should apologise to the people of Bihar and announce the same to conduct in entire country,” the video statement said.




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