Modi top choice for PM in 5 poll-bound states/UT


New Delhi: Modi top choice for PM in 5 poll-bound states/UT. The majority of the voters in poll-bound West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Puducherry, and Kerala feel that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the ‘most suitable’ candidate for the top post, as per the IANS C-Voter Battle for the States survey.

According to the survey, 50.67 percent people in Puducherry, 54.53 percent in West Bengal, 25.59 percent in Tamil Nadu, 36. 51 percent in Kerala and 45.52 percent in Assam supported Modi as the most suitable candidate for the post of Prime Minister.

Interestingly, 48 percent of the voters in Tamil Nadu want to elect former congress chief Rahul Gandhi as the Prime Minister. Rahul Gandhi was elected as an MP from the Wayanad constituency in Kerala in 2019.

The survey covered 45,000 respondents across the five-state/UT.

As many as 57.97 percent of voters in Puducherry, 62.19 percent in West Bengal, 26.62 percent in Tamil Nadu, 36.84 percent in Kerala, and 43.62 percent in Assam want to elect Modi as the Prime Minister directly if they are given chance to do that.

Nobody in West Bengal wants UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi as the Prime Minister of India. However, 1.11 percent of voters in Puducherry think that she is a suitable Prime Ministerial candidate. A total of 9.89 percent of voters in Tamil Nadu shared a similar opinion while 3.61 percent in Kerala and 2.51 percent in Assam supported the views.

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is the choice for the PM’s post of 10.56 percent voters in Puducherry, 5.4 percent in West Bengal, 1.85 percent in Tamil Nadu, 4.1 percent in Kerala, and 2.51 percent in Assam.



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