K’taka Assembly poll results boosted Cong workers’ confidence across country: Siddaramaiah


Siddaramaiah made the remarks on Monday while speaking at the general body meeting of the Karnataka Congress.

“I am speaking from my experience. I say it without any exaggeration. The BJP will lose at the Centre in 2024. Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi does not attend the Parliament sessions properly, he does not pay attention to the problems of the people. He just does ‘Mann Ki Baat’…,” he said.

“We have started investigating all the scams and corruption of the BJP era and the truth will come out soon… Our workers should not relax after the Assembly elections. You (workers) have assured the high command that you will win at least 20 seats in the Lok Sabha elections (in Karnataka),” Siddaramaiah added.

“On one hand, the RSS is implementing a hidden agenda and on the other hand, due to price rise, inflation, corruption and mismanagement, the people of the country are facing extreme hardship. The people of the state have successfully defied and defeated all these,” he said.

“People with the mindset of the caste-based, exploitative system of Manusmriti are behaving as if to take revenge on Ambedkar’s Constitution and trying to finish it. If the Constitution is changed, the living opportunities of more than 90 per cent of the country’s working-class people will be destroyed. Therefore, the people of the country have a very big responsibility to save the Constitution,” the Chief Minister added.

“The BJP, which did not agree to give rice to satisfy the hunger of the people of the state, is now wasting those thousands of tons of rice. The rice in the hands of the Central government is infested. It doesn’t matter if people are fasting, it doesn’t matter if the rice is spoiled, but they will deny rice to the hungry. This the most barbaric and inhuman mentality of the BJP,” he said.

Siddaramaiah also hit out at former Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy, claiming that the JD-S leader has forgotten his party and “is acting like he is the spokesperson of the BJP”.




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