Kerala Lottery Dept invites bid to make machine for foolproof draws and tickets


For this, the Department of Lottery has invited applications from startups for a machine that will answer both the problems.

The Lottery Challenge has been conceived amid the department’s conduct of seven weekly lotteries and a monthly lottery besides six bumper lotteries a year. Of late, authorities have been suspecting the prevalence of fake lottery tickets and conducted manual checks and verification to identify it.

To address this cumbersome and time-consuming process, the department is seeking a machine that can verify the authenticity of lottery tickets quickly and accurately so as to save time, reduce errors and increase the reliability of the prize disbursal process.

The same machine must also scan the QR code of the tickets at a faster pace, which will lead to efficient and accurate disbursal of prize monies. This is to help avoid the major task of scanning tickets that win prizes at the 35 offices spread across Kerala.

The current process is time-consuming, requiring massive human resources. On an average, 300,000 lottery tickets are manually scanned on a daily basis, leading to considerable delay and errors.

KSUM is Kerala government’s nodal agency established in 2006 for entrepreneurship development and incubation activities in the state and through this new challenge, authorities are expecting they will be able to get a machine which is foolproof and will eliminate any frauds .



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