Kejriwal urges Oppn leaders to ensure defeat of Centre’s ordinance in Parliament


New Delhi, June 21 (IANS) Ahead of the meeting of opposition parties in Patna on June 23, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has called upon the Opposition leaders to prioritise discussions on defeating the Centre’s ordinance in Parliament.

Expressing his concerns in a letter, the Chief Minister said Delhi’s ordinance was an “experiment” and if successful, the central government might replicate it to curtail the rights of non-BJP state governments through similar ordinances.

“The day is not far when the Prime Minister will govern all state governments through 33 Governors and Lieutenant Governors,” alleged Kejriwal.

He also sought clarity from the Congress regarding their stance on this matter. “I hope that the Congress will clearly state its position, as the other political parties attending the meeting will inquire about it. The first topic for discussion will be the Delhi ordinance. I will explain the risks of this ordinance to every party present at the meeting. I will bring the Constitution of India and demonstrate how this ordinance undermines it,” Kejriwal has said.

He added, “Just because it has been implemented in Delhi, often considered a “half-state,” doesn’t mean it cannot be implemented in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, West Bengal, and other states. By promulgating such ordinances, the Centre can undermine all matters falling within the concurrent list of the Constitution of India.”


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