Gudha came to my house, but never discussed red diary: Cong leader Rathore


In fact, he said that he writes a regular diary but on Gandhi Diary.

He said, “It is well known that the BJP tried to topple the government in Rajasthan on the lines of Madhya Pradesh. Part of this conspiracy includes the central agencies’ raids on the houses of Congress leaders, all establishments and even the Chief Minister’s brother.

“I remember Rajendra Gudha had come to my house during that incident. But since this incident, he never discussed any red diary with me. I probably always use Gandhi Diary and write my daily routine in it. The people of the Income Tax Department had taken three diaries from my house which are the Gandhi diaries. These are also recorded in his records,” said Rathore.

“I have had family relations with Gudha for a long time. The intensity of our relationship was such that about 10 years ago he stayed in my house. At that time many people from his constituency came and criticized him and said that he should not be kept in the house because he is a very unreliable person. But due to my personal relations, I did not pay heed to those things.

“Being a Congress worker, I always helped people. He joined Congress along with other BSP MLAs in 2009 and 2019. Even then he kept in touch with me and despite knowing his background, I supported him in the interest of the party. For almost one year, Rajendra Gudha was making statements against the Congress leaders, moving away from the party line.

“I tried to convince them not to do this, but then I could not understand what conspiracy is going on inside and with which Congress and BJP leaders he was in contact. Surprisingly, today Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, who is praising Rajendra Gudha, had defended him even when he had called Gudha ji “bin pande ka lota (rolling stone) a few days ago,” he said.

“From Delhi to Jaipur, the BJP is conspiring to reduce the seriousness of the Manipur issue by making false allegations against the Rajasthan government. Under the same conspiracy, this high voltage drama has been created by making Rajendra Gudha a pawn. Just three days before the Prime Minister’s visit to Rajasthan, the statements made by Rajendra Gudha and BJP leaders inside and outside the Assembly are a part of this conspiracy,” he added.



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