Ex-BJP MLA in Assam demands ban on azaan


“Do the members of the minority community have the right to annoy me mentally five times a day, 1,825 times per year, with their azaan? Is this religious observance acceptable in a secular society?” Dev asked.

He went on to say that he is willing to go to prison for his assertion that the azan ought to be outlawed.

The former MLA from Hojai constituency described the recitation of azan as impolite, saying: “Whenever I hear azaan one after another in the mosques, I feel that my neighbourhood has changed into Afghanistan and the Taliban is in control of our state.”

He further claimed that shouting in loudspeakers for the recital of azaan shouldn’t be an Islamic religious practice, rather, reading namaz should be their religious practices.

Dev further said that during his stint as an MLA, he had made a request to the then Assembly speaker to stop ending the sessions early on Friday to allow Muslims to offer prayers.

“This is not to be done in a secular country,” he said.

Meanwhile, three lawyers from the Gauhati High Court have filed a complaint against Dev for his remarks.

It is learned that the Dispur Police have also initiated an investigation into the matter.

However, the former MLA said: “I will place my appeal to ban azaan before the judge in the Court.”

Dev had earlier said that people of the minority community hide guns in mosques and later used them to carry out terrorist activities.




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