Egypt’s Senate members take constitutional oath


Cairo: Egypt’s Senate members take a constitutional oath. Egypt’s Senate members took the constitutional oath during the opening procedural session of the Upper House of Parliament. Egypt’s Senate members take a constitutional oath. The opening session was held at the headquarters of the Shura Council here on Sunday, the Al Ahram newspaper said in a report.

According to Egypt’s amended constitution in 2019, a 300-seat Senate is elected, with 100 members to be elected via the individual candidacy system. another 100 through party lists, and the remaining 100 to be appointed by the President.

The first five-year term of the Senate will end in 2025.

Sunday’s development came after the month-long Senate elections concluded on September. 16

Pro-government Mostaqbal Watan (Future of Homeland) Party candidates won the majority (around 70 percent) of 200 open seats, followed by the People’s Republican Party (six seats), Al-Wafd (six seats), and independents (six seats).

The political parties of El-Tagammu, Congress, Modern Egypt, Reform and Development, Guardians of the Nation, the National Movement, and the Egyptian Social Democratic Party took the remaining seats.



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