BJP’s 9-year helm takes Haryana into ‘depths of destruction’: Hooda


Responding to the completion of nine years of BJP-led Haryana governmnet, Hooda said the state has declined from being the top investment destination during the Congress government to number one in “unemployment, inflation and atrocities”.

He said Haryana, which was the number one state in per capita income, per capita investment, employment, law and order and overall development till 2014, has been transformed by BJP-JJP together into number one in “unemployment, crime, corruption and drugs”.

The Leader of the Opposition said the government has neither established any new power plant in Haryana nor laid even one inch of a new railway line or an inch of Metro line.

He said no national-level institution, big project or big industry was established in the state during the present government.

“In such a situation, what is the current government celebrating? On the contrary, this government should apologise to the people for wasting nine years of Haryana,” Hooda said in a statement.

He said the government is considering family identity (ID), property ID and Meri Fasal Mera Byora as its achievements, but these have become the genesis of corruption and a noose around the neck of the people.

“Even BJP and JJP MLAs have also publicly accepted this. The reality is that irregularities have been found in 90 per cent of family IDs and 95 per cent of property IDs.”

“After committing a scam worth crores, the government finally had to blacklist the property ID making company. As far as Meri Fasal Mera Byora is concerned, its truth will be told by the farmers. Farmers say in one voice that this portal is being run to avoid MSP (minimum support price) and delay government procurement,” he explained.

Hooda said he would present the truth of nine years of this government to the people of Haryana along with facts and figures by holding a detailed Press interaction in Chandigarh on November 2.




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