BJP is doing elephant trading in MP: Minister


Bhopal: The Public Relations Minister of Madhya Pradesh, P.C. Sharma, on Friday, claimed that the Congress will prove its majority in the Assembly. He alleged that the BJP has not done “horse-trading”, but “elephant trading” to topple the 15-month old Congress government in the state.

A vote of confidence is to be held in the Assembly at 2 p.m. on Friday afternoon on the direction of the Supreme Court.

Talking to reporters, Sharma said, “Congress is in touch with the BJP MLAs and we have the support of the required MLAs. The Congress will get the support of 105 MLAs in the Assembly. We will succeed in the floor test.”

Sharma further said, “22 MLAs of the state have resigned together… This is a one of a kind political development. The resignations of all the MLAs have been accepted. The BJP has not done horse-trading, but elephant trading.”

The Assembly currently has 206 MLAs, out of which 104 MLAs are needed for a majority. The BJP has 107 MLAs, while the Congress has 92, Bahujan Samaj Party 2, Samajwadi Party 1 and four Independents. If Congress continues to get the support from its allies, then its figures will reach 99, which will still be short of the majority mark.

March 20 (IANS)


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