Bihar govt mulls new scheme for discoms, to end different slabs for consumers


The idea is to bring one tariff for urban areas and one tariff for the rural areas.

A bill is expected to be filed before the Bihar Electricity Regulatory Commission (BERC) in November in this regard.

After the approval of BERC, the Bihar government will ask the discoms to take charge under one tariff.

The different slabs for the urban and rural areas will be ended. It is expected to be implemented from April 2024.

At present, rural areas have Rs 60 per one unit charge under the slab of 0 to 50. After that the charge is Rs 3 per unit for 51 units onwards in the rural areas.

In urban areas, Rs 4.36 per unit is the charge from 0 to 100 and if consumers use more electricity, they have to pay as per various slab rates.

Once the BERC approves the new bill, all the different slabs will be ended. In that case, the discoms will fix one charge per unit in rural and urban areas.




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