ATS arrests three Bangladeshis in UP


While two persons, Nazibul Sheikh, 35, Abu Hurayayra, 30, were arrested for helping illegal migrants from Bangladesh and Myanmar enter India, one Adil Ur Rehman, 22, was held for illegally entering India.

The ATS said that the two used to prepare Indian passports for the migrants based on fake and forged documents.

Passports made on fake Indian documents, PAN cards, Aadhaar cards and foreign SIM cards were also recovered from their possession.

The ATS said that Nazibul and Abu were staying in Uttar Pradesh on forged documents and used to facilitate illegal migrants from Bangladesh and Myanmar to India by taking huge sums of money.

Additional DG, ATS, Mohit Agarwal, said that based on the preliminary probe so far, they have obtained the details of Nazibul and Abu’s bank accounts.

“The two have acquired Rs 20 crore in the last three years,” said the officer.

Sources in the ATS added that the two were running an NGO and got this money as a donation.

“But it is in violation of the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010. The financial agencies have been informed about the same, he said.”

Senior officers, who are monitoring the probe in the case, said that they had first arrested Adil on an informer’s tip-off.

“Adil was rounded up and spilt the beans that he originally hails from Mirpur in Bangladesh and was facilitated an entry by Saharanpur residents Nazibul and Abu,” said the ATS.

Later, information was sought about the two, and it surfaced that they were also non-UP residents, and their documents were fake.

The two also disclosed that they were involved in human trafficking, and recently they had got the entry of a woman, Petrova Paul, into India. The agency is on the hunt for the woman.

The ATS will seek the remand of the three to know more about the gang after producing them in court on Friday.




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