Pathankot attack: Binoculars used by JeM terrorists had US markings


New Delhi: As National Investigating Agency (NIA) continues to probe the Pathankot terror attack, a report on Saturday said that the binoculars used by the perpetrators had US markings.

A report published in ‘The Times of India’ says that possession of US made binoculars with the Pakistan-based terrorists indicate that either the Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) militants stole the equipments from US bases in Afghanistan or it was taken from Pakistan Army.

The premier terror investigating agency is expected to approach the US and ask for details regarding the binoculars.

Other than the binoculars, here’s a list of items recovered by the Indian officials: Four AK-47 assault rifles, 29 AK-47 magazines, three pistols, seven pistol magazines, one Under Barrel Grenade Launcher, a dagger, cough tablets, wire cutter, 29 AK-47 magazines, 559 live rounds of 7.62 ammunition, 47 pistol rounds, a black-coloured wire tape, a first-aid box, a knife pad, sour painkiller injections, one syringe, an eye drop, seven painkiller tablets, 21 cough tablets, Two bandages (1×10 cm and 1×4 cm), two Betadine ointments, a burn set, three vials of ithar (perfume), two Rs 500 notes, a motivational note hailing the JeM and two combat rucksacks.

Six terrorists had attacked the Pathankot airbase on the intervening night of January 1 and 2. They were killed in a counter-operation by Indian forces that lasted for about three days and also claimed the lives of seven security personnel.


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