Paris attacks suspect refuses to answer judge’s questions


Paris: Salah Abdeslam, the only surviving key suspect of Paris attacks of last November, remained silent on Thursday during a questioning over France’s worst terror assaults, his defence lawyer Franck Breton said.

During a second appearance before anti-terror judges, Abdeslam has exercised his right to silence refusing to respond to the questions on his role on the fatal attacks which left 130 victims, Berton was quoted as saying.

“There’s a hope that he will speak to the judges. But it won’t be today,” he said.

At his first hearing in May, the 26-year-old man refused to say anything about the attacks as he refused to be watched 24 hours a day, according to the defence lawyer.

Transferred from Belgium to France in April, Abdeslam is now in solitary confinement and kept under permanent camera surveillance inside his cell in a high-security prison in Fleury-Merogis, south Paris.

Investigators suspect him of having providing logistics for a group of armed men that stormed restaurants, theatre hall and soccer stadium in Paris in November 2015.


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