Pakistani Taliban split on ceasefire extension


Islamabad: The Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) said that they are yet to decide on the extension of ceasefire as some of its members are opposing it, media reported Thursday.

TTP commander in Mohmand Agency, Khalid Omar Khorasani said Wednesday they have not extended the ceasefire due to continuous violation of ceasefire by the Pakistan government.

He alleged that the government violated its promises during the ceasefire period, and threatened that the government would have to bear the consequence as the war would start now, The Nation reported.

Pakistan’s defeat in T20 cricket World Cup was a punishment from god as the defeat left the nation crying and mourning, Khorasani added for good measure.

Some members of the TTP want to extend the ceasefire but on certain conditions, and others want to resume the war as they believe the Pakistan government was just wasting time and was not sincere in the peace talks.

The final decision on extension of ceasefire will be taken in a few days by the TTP shura.

In view of the ongoing peace talks, the TTP announced the month-long ceasefire March 1 and the government welcomed it.

Following the expiry of the ceasefire March 31, the government now wants the TTP to extend it.

During the period of the ceasefire, there has been a decrease in terrorist activities in Pakistan, media reports said.

The Pakistan government committee and the TTP Saturday agreed to take measures to speed up the peace talks.

The first round of direct talks between the Pakistan government and the TTP leadership concluded March 26.

The TTP responded positively to the government’s demand for an indefinite ceasefire and offer of releasing non-combatant prisoners.


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