Oz exploration company says it may have found MH370


Kuala Lumpur: An Australian marine exploration firm today claimed it may have found the wreckage of the crashed Malaysian jet in the Bay of Bengal, even as countries searching for the plane said they were assessing the “credibility of this information”.

Adelaide-based GeoResonance yesterday said it had begun its own search for the missing flight MH370 on March 10, the Star newspaper reported.

GeoResonance’s search used images obtained from satellites and aircraft, with company scientists focusing their efforts north of plane’s last known location, using over 20 technologies to analyse the data including a nuclear reactor, company spokesperson David Pope said.

He claimed his company used technology originally designed to find nuclear warheads and submarines.

Pope said GeoResonance compared their findings with images taken on March 5, three days before the MH370 went missing, and did not find what they had detected at the spot.

“The wreckage wasn’t there prior to the disappearance of MH370. We’re not trying to say it definitely is MH370. However, it is a lead we feel should be followed up,” said Pope.



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