Now, handcuffs for domestic airlines to restrain unruly flyers


Air hostesses have put up with unruly passengers for a bit too long and feel it is high time action was taken against in-flight menaces. They can now certainly do with handcuffs to tackle with unruly passengers during a flight.

As per media report, Indian carriers will now start carrying plastic handcuffs, called arresters, to restrain unruly passengers. Some of the airlines have already started these practices in India.

These devices will be used only when there is a physical assault on the crew, on a fellow passenger or if there is a threat to the aircraft.

While there hasn’t been a big jump in unruly behaviour, incidents have gone up in proportion with increase in air traffic.

Aviation regulator Directorate General Of Civil Aviation (DGCA) had allowed airlines to carry plastic handcuffs on board at the end of the last year.


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