North Korea to continue nuclear arsenal development


Pyongyang: North Korea on Sunday announced that it will continue to develop its nuclear capability despite increasing condemnation by the international community.

“We are holding fast to the line of simultaneously developing the two fronts (economic growth and nuclear development) to safeguard the sovereignty, right to existence and peace from the ever-increasing nuclear threat and blackmail of the US and the recent test was just part of the whole course of implementing the line,” Xinhua quoted a statement by Foreign Ministry.

The statement came two days after North Korea’s announcement that it had successfully carried out a nuclear warhead explosion, which marked its fifth nuclear test after Pyongyang conducted what it called a hydrogen-bomb test on January 6.

North Korea was compelled to develop nuclear warheads and nuclear blackmail from the US is “an engine which pushed North Korea to reach this point,” the statement noted.

“We will continue to take measures for increasing the nuclear force of the country in quality and quantity to ensure genuine peace from the US increasing threat of a nuclear war,” it added.

In the wake of its nuclear warhead test, the international community has voiced its strong condemnation over the development.

After a closed-door meeting on the matter, the United Nations Security Council on Friday issued a press statement, saying “a clear threat to international peace and security continues to exist” with North Korea’s latest test.

The 15-member Security Council imposed severe sanctions on Pyongyang in March following its fourth nuclear explosion, including an export ban and asset freeze.


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