No immediate respite in high pulses prices seen despite onset of imports


New Delhi: Pulses prices in the country are likely to remain high on the back of lowered output, festive demand and slow imports failing to meet the existing demand.

Even though,imported pulses have started arriving at ports in the country from the end of September onwards, ex-mill for different pulses are hovering around Rs 150 per kg in some markets, and with addition of traders’ profits and transportation cost, the prices may touch Rs 200 in retail in a few days

As per industry sources, India imported around 2.36 lakh tonnes at major ports in India in September, which is 5% lower than August which was around 2.48 lakh tonnes. Urad, chickpea and moong were imported.

Even though imports are expected to pick up, but that will happen only in the later part of the calendar year. While imports of yellow peas will start from October 15, chana from Australia has been contracted in huge quantities and will be available in the country only around December. Similarly imports of masur from Canada will also begin only from November, and crop from Myanmar will be available only from January-February .

Concerned over the rising prices of pulses, some state governments imposed stock limit to retailers and wholesalers, but prices have continued to move up on the back of festive season and lowered kharif output.

According to the first advance estimate 2015-16 by Ministry of Agriculture, pulses kharif production is estimated to be 5.56 MMT which is around 1% lower than the fourth estimate of 2014-15 that was 5.63 MMT.


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