My justice is a little ‘karak’, like my chai: Modi


Ghazipur (Uttar Pradesh): Prime Minister Narendra Modi, referring to his ‘chai-wallah’ days, said on Monday that his justice is a little “karak” (strong) just like he used to make his tea.

Addressing a rally here, Modi said, “My justice is a little ‘karak’ (strong)” – referring to the demonetisation move to uproot corruption.

“And when I was small, people would tell me, ‘Make the chai a little karak’ (make the chai a little strong),” he said. Modi has said he used to sell chai at railway platforms when young.

Modi said the demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 currency was to target those with unaccounted cash.

He said government officials would not question women till Rs 2.5 lakh deposited in banks post the demonetisation move, but those who have Rs 2.5 crore unaccounted wealth would not be spared.

“But I will not spare those with unaccounted Rs 2.5 crore cash, and those who have stashed money under the bed.”


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