MP CM Shivraj’s actual courage amidst virtual Cabinet



Compatibility of circumstances has never been mandatory for anyone. Situations often come before us in just the opposite form. But if such adverse circumstances are utilized in a proper manner, the situation becomes different. Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has accomplished the same thing. After being diagnosed as Corona positive, the changes that he adopted can be considered as an example for the victims of this disease.

Whether it is a case of Corona or any other disease, the first condition to deal with it is that the victim does not consider himself a victim. This does not mean that the disease has to be ignored. One can understand it in this way. Shivraj immediately got himself examined as soon as he experienced the initial symptoms of Corona. Soon after confirmation of corona infection, he got hospitalized without wasting time. In between the treatment, he is also doing things like making tea for himself and washing his clothes too. In the midst of all this, he has kept himself busy in work, while adhering to all necessary precautions.

If you talk to the doctors they will explain that ignoring the symptoms of the disease is the biggest fact for the Corona cases to deteriorate. Apart from this, most people hesitate to get themselves tested due to fear. The result is that mostly the case worsens by the time the infection is confirmed. Doctors also say that after the disease is diagnosed, recovery of patients who fall prey to negative thoughts becomes even more difficult. They constantly think that it will be impossible for them to recover now. This increases the risk of worsening the condition of the sick person. Shivraj is a natural leader. Shivraj has presented a role model for all such patients. Washing one’s own clothes is a sensible step towards reducing the risk of the infection from spreading. To top this, the Chief Minister has constantly distanced himself from negative thoughts while working continuously even in the midst of illness. The stopping of Chief Minister Shri Chouhan’s cough and fever within just two days of hospitalization is a strong indication of how Corona can also be treated in an easy manner with some wisdom and caution.

Obviously, change is for good or bad, but it surely results in some of the other creativity. The Coronavirus which has changed the thinking of the whole world including lifestyle, this fight with the virus has become a positive reason for a new beginning in Madhya Pradesh. The effects of this virus and the ways of dealing with it have given a different direction to the government and administrative functioning of the state. This battle with Corona has linked people to the widespread and accessible use of information technology. The first virtual Cabinet of the Shivraj government has added a new link to it. By the way, ever since he took oath on March 23, not a day has passéd when Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has not communicated with his administrative team or public representatives in the battle of Corona across the state through video conferencing. The role played by information technology in the widespread battle in Madhya Pradesh with  Corona will now become a permanent part of Chief Minister Shri Chouhan’s administration. The credit for this innovation in the administration can indeed be attributed to Chief Minister Shri Chouhan’s first major achievement of his 4th term. Now talking about the first virtual meeting of the Cabinet, the extension in the last date of the crop insurance scheme from July 15th to 31st is an important step towards fulfilling the urgent requirement of the farmers amidst the situations arising from Corona. The scheme has been granted administrative approval today. This period is also very catastrophic in terms of employment. In such a situation, the Chief Minister’s Rural Street Vendors Loan Scheme is a major decision for whom handcarts are means of livelihood in the villages. It may be mentioned here that this scheme has been made by the Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan after being inspired by the central government scheme of granting a loan of Rs 10,000 to the urban street vendors. If the urban street vendors are getting benefits from the Centre, the Shivraj government is giving an opportunity to those working in the villages.

The Cabinet decision on the arrangement of treatment for COVID infected people is also significant. Also special in the meeting is that decision has been taken for virtual hearing for prisoners in the state due to Corona. Taking another major decision, the Cabinet approved construction of Chambal Expressway under Bharatmala Project. The decision was taken to cancel the notice on denotification of 22 newly constituted Nagar Parishads in the state and let them remain as Nagar Parishads.

Madhya Pradesh has set a new example of a virtual Cabinet besides sharing its hospital related experiences with the ministers and officers. This can be termed both as Shivraj’s passion and seriousness towards the new form of technology. In these five months of Corona, the entire state has been connected to the Chief Minister’s Secretariat round the clock, for all seven days in a week through a single click. The use of this technology has also made it possible that combining the work from home culture and the presence of less staff in government offices, government work can still be done expeditiously and within the stipulated time. The global fight with Covid-19 seems to be going on for a long time. Therefore, long-term adherence to social distancing has become a great necessity. Therefore, the way to successfully carry out necessary government work related to the state and its people through the existing online system while adhering to the concept of social distance has now been paved. The biggest thing is now whatever happens to Corona pandemic, but this use of information technology is preparing us for chalking out administrative systems and their long use. After all, Shivraj’s courage for the virtual style of functioning is really ‘actual’.


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