Monica Dogra feels art can shift cultural norms


Mumbai: Monica Dogra wants to start a conversation around various social issues like homosexuality and feminism with her new single “Shiver”. The singer-actress says art has the capacity to shift cultural norms.

The actress also feels sexuality is fluid, and should not be restricted by anyone.

“I don’t want to send out a message. I wanted to start a conversation. I am actually trying to not explain my art anymore but rather leave it up to interpretation,” Monica said in a statement.

Monica released the single “Shiver” from her latest album Spit. The concept revolves around a girl who goes to audition at an old theatre, and brings forth an array of feminine expressions.

Ask her what makes her touch sensitive topics through her music, and the actress says she doesn’t “pre-meditate” her move.

“They resonate with me. It happens accidentally when I begin to write my music. I don’t really pre-meditate any of it. I walk the path and these themes keep showing up. I believe love is love and the right to choice is a birth right,” she said.

The actress added: “I also believe in artistic responsibility. I create with the premise of knowing art has the capacity to shift cultural norms.”

Talking about homosexuality and the wave of feminism, Monica said: “Sexuality is fluid and no government, in my opinion, should infringe upon the right to choice because that is violating nature itself…The wave of feminism is beautiful and much needed.”

In the video, the central character has been essayed by Reshma Gajjar. The team behind the video also boasts of several talented individuals including the director – Navzar Eranee (who has been an assistant director on films like “Guru”), choreographer Jasmine Albuquerque Croissant (who was a part of Ryan Heffington’s (Sia/ FKA Twigs choreographer) dance troupe Fingered).

The video also features names like Adhuna Akhtar, Deepti Datt, Navya Singh, Chandni Sareen and Elton Fernandez.


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