Mobile phone that was used 800 years ago!


New Delhi: Would you believe that mobile phones existed in some part of the world some 800 years ago?

Archaeologists in Austria have unearthed an object which is allegedly a clay copy of a mobile phone, which has keys in Sumerian writing style known as cuneiform script.

Cuneiform was one of the first systems of writing developed by the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia around 3,500BC to 3,000 BC.

However, there is no official record available on the find, and it is equally puzzling that a device with Sumerian script is discovered in Austria. The find has also been dubbed by many as hoax.

Conspiracy website commented on the find that it cannot be explained what it is. “Whether it is real or not, but it has caught our attention and we would love to know more about it”.


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