MILK ADULTERATION checks to touch a new high with the Electronic Milk Analyzer at CGSI


Consumer Guidance Society of India (CGSI) in its Golden Jubilee Year has recently acquired an Electronic Milk Analyzer at its office at Azad Maidan. The Electronic Milk Analyzer can test Fat Content, Protein Content, SNF, Water Content, Lactose, etc., in milk. CGSI in association other consumer welfare groups and organizations, college and school students, NSS, etc., intends to use the machine for both consumer education and for benefiting customers, interested in testing the quality of milk they buy and consume. In order to create public awareness about the quality of milk that is in supply CGSI will test milk on a regular basis by running consumer contact camps primarily in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, State of Maharashtra, and other places in India if required. CGSI intends to test milk samples in various colleges and schools. Samples bought by students will be tested free of charge.

Electronic Milk Analyzer at Consumer Guidance Society of India

Electronic Milk Analyzer at Consumer Guidance Society of India

CGSI will charge a very nominal amount of Rs. 20.00 only per sample from customers, to cover conveyance charges to transport the machine to various consumer camp locations, and other connected administration and miscellaneous expenses to conduct the consumer camps. CGSI will issue a written report of the analysis to the consumers post milk testing.

“Food adulteration is a continuing menace that unscrupulous traders and manufacturers all over the world indulge in to exploit gullible consumers to make quick and easy money. Government authorities with great efforts have succeeded in reducing the recurrent occurrences; but have not been able to eliminate it and hence in our golden jubilee year we have taken this step”, says Dr. Sitaram Dixit, Chairman, Consumer Guidance Society of India.

Dr. Sitaram Dixit

Continuous routine monitoring by an aware and informed consumer alone will be able to eliminate it conclusively. Food adulteration is an act of intentionally debasing the quality of food offered for sale by either the admixture or substitution of inferior substances or by the removal of some valuable ingredient.
Among all food adulterations, milk adulteration by simple addition of water to pure milk is the most common one, easy and lucrative. When water is added to pure milk, it undergoes a change in its physical and nutritional constituents. Using inferior quality impure water to adulterate milk increases the chances of infection and disease due to microbial contamination on its consumption. Impure water reduces the keeping quality of milk and addition of artificial harmful preservatives to improve the shelf life of the adulterated product is common. Pure milk spoils on keeping at room temperature within a day and an adulterated one stays fresh for a much longer time. Simple addition of water is also easily recognisable by users as the product becomes thin and watery. To prevent easy identification adulterators, add various chemical agents to thicken the product so that adulterated milk closely resembles the consistency of pure milk. “Milk Adulteration Test Kit” can identify these adulterants.


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