Merkel backs Macron’s labour reform in France



Berlin: German Chancellor Angela Merkel backed the French government in its plans to reform the labour market, the media reported.

Speaking at a joint press conference in Berlin along with France’s Prime Minister on Friday, Merkel said that President Emmanuel Macron had vowed to carry out the reform during his election campaign, and he was now putting his plans into action, Efe news reported.

The head of the German government considered that Macron had grounds to implement the reforms as he had outlined them during his campaign, and received popular support in the presidential and parliamentary elections.

Subsequent wins in the elections gave Macron’s government a “strong legitimacy” to move ahead with the changes he had presented during the campaign, Merkel said.

Edouard Philippe for his part pointed out that the government had been elected based on the measures and had “a very strong democratic legitimacy”.

The protests, concern of others and the opposition were part of democratic exchange, Philippe said.

Earlier in the week, France saw large-scale nationwide protests by members of trade unions, who marched in rejection of the new measures being introduced into the labour market, including making it easier for companies to hire and fire employees.



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