Marilyn Manson wants to date a nice girl


Los Angeles: Singer Marilyn Manson, who was earlier married to Dita Von Teese and engaged to Evan Rachel Wood, says he wants to date a nice girl now.

The rocker shared that he is a “wildcat” who is desperate to find someone who understands both his wild rock persona and his real identity, Brian Warner, reports

“Nice ones. I’ve avoided that unintentionally in the past. Not naming anyone and saying that they were mean, but I think I’ve been described as flypaper for crazy women,” Manson told Dazed magazine talking about the type of girl he wants to date.

“It’s hard to take on that role when I’m so unreasonably unusual to handle. I guess I’m a wildcat. I find myself wanting to locate a girl who is truly nice, and understands both Brian and Marilyn Manson. It’s person and persona, it’s all of it, it’s a handful.

“So, someone who is nice enough and kind enough to deal with that. I’m not sure if they make that sort of person. I’ll let you know if I find out,” he added.


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