Maharashtra CM calls for joint efforts to counter draught and water shortage


Mumbai: With a bid to counter the ongoing water shortage caused by two years of consecutive draught in Maharashtra, to ensure popper irrigation maintain cleanliness and alleviate the problems of affected farmers, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis directed all concerned departments to take necessary steps for promoting micro irrigation. The CM disclosed that a water grid will be set up in the draught affected Marathwada region while existing such facilities in that area will be upgraded.

Fadnavis said that ministries concerned with agriculture, irrigation, environment, will now focus on countering water scarcity in the state to ensure draught like conditions do not have any major impact on agriculture. The state government will now develop aquifers and other water resources to meet the growing demand for this natural resources. Several pilot projects aimed at improving micro irrigation in the state are already on going, he added.

The chief minister emphasized on the need for effective and judicious use of water by regulating its supply and distribution through a proper frame work. The state government plans to incorporate a comprehensive project which will involve various organizations with in the state and district administration for micro irrigation and proper utilization of water resources.


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