What is Hard balling?


New Delhi: What is Hard balling? Finally, a dating trend most women can get on board with! What is ‘hard balling you ask? The term means “dating like a CEO” and not wasting time on people that cant gives you what you are looking for.

When you are single and searching for love, sometimes the fantasy of wanting to be in a relationship can blind you into thinking that the connection you are nurturing is leading to commitment. We see all the signs of someone not wanting to commit, yet we stick around in hope that one day they might. We don’t allow ourselves to acknowledge that there are many other people out there who we can get to know. Instead, we get attached and fixated on that one person who is stringing us along.

This fabulous new trend should be coined as the ‘ultimate rule for dating’. ‘Hardballing’ is a concept where you are not afraid to say what exactly it is that you are looking for (commitment, long-term relationship) and won’t waste time if you are not receiving that back. It is the confidence one has to go after what they want. A lot of the time we know this but are too afraid to come off clingy, needy, or freak someone out.
What is Hard balling? However, we don’t stop to question that while it might be easy for people to call someone that, why is it that knowing what you want has to be condoned? Thanks to this new term, we are now encouraged to not care about how we might be viewed and go after what we want. If anyone is going to label you negatively, then they were never right for you in the first place. ‘Hardball players’ do not waste time with a flirtation that isn’t going anywhere. They date like ‘bosses’ and stand up for what they know they deserve.

Dating is a concept that is constantly evolving. It is important to stand your ground and go after what you desire. Like I always say, being yourself and knowing who you are, allows you to gain clarity on how to respect your boundaries. And, if you believe in true love and the magic it brings, then settling for less, will never be an option.



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