The vital step into the future with 5G


The world is getting ready for the next big revolution in technology; 5G. What makes this method for transferring information is its speed. Speed is necessary for all that we use the internet for today and even more so in the future. To have a flawless internet connection for private uses are nice, but when it comes to professionals it can be a matter of life and death. So how are the plans for 5G in India doing?

A good internet connection makes life a little bit less frustrating, but it rarely is about a life-or-death situation. It might feel like you want to die when you have found a new casino on this guide to betting in India and the internet is slow and the games are not functioning as well as they should.

5G for remote surgery

One situation when the internet connection and reliability really matters is when you need a life saving surgery, and the best surgeon in the world to perform it lives on the other side of the world. For these rare but crucial moments, the 5Gs speed and high performance can ensure that the surgeon can stay at their hospital and perform the operation on you in your hospital in India via the internet, like a computer game.

Short wavelength requires fiber

The 5G internet is five times more efficient than the 4G, but it has shorter wavelengths that mean that it doesn’t travel through the air quite so well. So when using airborne transmission the masts need to be closer to each other than they are today. Instead of building more masts for the signals to ensure the effectivity of 5G broadband and fiber is necessary.

Airtel to ensure the transition

India is way behind on the broadband installation rate, way behind most western countries who has a rate of 75% and India’s rate is at 7%. Even most developing countries are ahead in this infrastructure with a rate of 11%. To change this there was an auction executed on March 3rd, 2021 to whom would be the main company to take India into the future of the internet and Airtel won it. So in a year or so this huge task will begin.

What will it mean for common people

First, it will mean a lot of work opportunities as the infrastructure for all this fiber requires a lot of labour. And it also means that India is starting to really be able to use all the technology that is developed here, and the population can take part in it themself. But it also means that taking part in movies from all over the world in an instant for a very low cost will be accessible for the majority of the residents. Not only movies but it will also provide all those who make the online casino booming in India with a perfect connection and flawless experience in gaming and betting.


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