‘Leading with Heart and Soul’ with Dr. Marko Saravanja, Chairperson of Regenesys Group




Mumbai, 9th Dec, 2015: The evening at Regenesys Business School witnessed a gathering of more than 40 senior academicians and senior executives from learning and development industry. The purpose of this event was to meet like minded people with vision to share and enhance the management and executive education. During the evening Dr. Marko Saravanja, Chairperson of Regenesys Group, shared his journey from being a practising monk to a successful businessman and an entrepreneur through a session titled ‘Leading with Heart and Soul’. Dr Saravanja successfully combines the two apparently irreconcilable extremes of business and spirituality through his unique philosophy. On the occasion Dr. Richa Arora, Country head, announced Global Yuva scholarship for Indian students to help them achieve their dream of international education. Regenesys will offer total scholarship of worth one crore along with other exciting prizes for winners.


Regenesys believes, education is right of every human being and no one should be restricted to it by any means. Dr. Richa highlighted how Regenesys is helping students from weak economic section with study loans. Also, for those students whose bank loans are turned down, Regenesys offers them a 2nd chance to qualify for school’s student loans. The Loans department will listen to each case, assess the student’s financial and academic background and try their best to grant a loan so the student can study at Regenesys. Dr. Richa also threw light on importance of hands on industry experience of international standards for students pursuing management education. Regenesys gives opportunity to students to go for paid industry internships at South Africa and be given opportunity for permanent job placements.


About Regenesys Business School:

Regenesys is an International Business School with headquarters at Johannesburg. We are engaged in delivering World class Management Education to corporates and students for the past  17 years. Till date, Regenesys Business School has benefited more than 100,000 students and executives from 190 countries. Regenesys’ Asia office and Business School are located in Indiabulls Finance Centre, Elphinstone , Mumbai.



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