Laughing our ways into 2017 with Star Movies!



Star Movies has always had us grooving with emotions with their outstanding collection of classic and all-time favourite movies that has kept us entertained through all times. With 2016 coming to an end, Star Movies pledges to keep us entertained with Laughter Fest tickling our funny bones until the end of the year.
Star Movies brings us a roll of laughter with their Laughter Fest 2016 showcasing some of the most hilarious iconic Hollywood movies that continue to make us giggle even after days. The fest ends today on the 30th of December featuring an array of romantic comedies, goofy slapsticks, animated classic and even action packed comical giving us a daily dose of laughter and spreading our homes with smiles every day.
From evergreen artist Robbie Williams’ Flubber to WWF superstar Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock’s The Game Plan, the fest featured the funniest bests of Hollywood. It entailed a movie for every genre lover and every age group. There was the classic Flubber tickling the tummies of both the young and old and also the Home Alone 3 catching the attention of the teenager crowd. The fest also featured action comedies such as Spy Hard ,Let’s be cops and also thriller comedies like Super Troopers. The fest did just not stop here and got even better with a bunch of romantic comedies and a wrapped itself ith a father daughter comical satire The Game Plan giving us a heartfelt and a tummy tickly, giggly goodbye to 2016.
Stay tuned wit Star Movies to welcome 2017 with a beary hug filled with joy and merry making because as they say a day without laughter is a day much wasted.


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