Kudos! Sanjay Dutt’s daughter Trishala hits back at her stalker and how


New Delhi: ‘Munnabhai’ Sanjay Dutt’s daughter Trishala might be away from the showbiz world but the girl surely has got enough courage to shut her stalker up and how!
Recently, Trishala was followed by a stalker named Salman Naseer on a networking site where he asked her out for a date, which obviously the Dutt daughter didn’t accept. After that the stalker tried to tarnish her image by called her ‘ugly b****’. Now, if you think she took it in her stride and did nothing, perhaps you are wrong then.


What Trishala did was commendable. She gave a befitting reply to the man by taking a screenshot of her conversation with him and posting it on Instagram. According to TOI.com report, she wrote back at her hater: “I think @salmannaseer786 feels bad I didn’t respond to him and accept his “date” to take me out so he called me an ugly b****. SMH…. funny how I didn’t seem so ugly a few minutes before he started to feel some typa way. I don’t understand you children, do you not know how to accept rejection? I KNOW this isn’t your first time being ignored boo. Gross. I would never even throw a dog bone at you bro.”


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