K’taka: 47% beneficiaries given Covid vaccine on Day 2


Bengaluru:K’taka: 47% of beneficiaries given the Covid vaccine on Day 2. Of the 81,219 beneficiaries in Karnataka, 38,242 were inoculated with the Covid-19 vaccine, accounting for 47 percent of the target set for the second day of the vaccination drive on Monday, said the state health department.

“Of the 1,017 sessions planned for the day in all the 30 districts across the state, 1,000 were held in which 38,242 healthcare warriors took the vaccine, accounting for 47 percent of the targetted 81,219 recipients,” the department said in a statement here.

Of the 6,327 registered healthcare workers on Sunday, 3,699 took the jab, accounting for 58 percent of the target for the day.

On the first day of the drive on Saturday, of the 21,426 registered warriors, 13,609 took the shot, accounting for 63 percent of the target.

In Belagavi and Chikballapur, 73 percent of the beneficiaries took the vaccine.

In the one planned session, 30 of the 41 workers took the vaccine in the Belagavi district.

In Chikballapur district, in the 37 planned sessions held, 2,167 of the 2,951 recipients took the shot.

Chikballapur, about 70km east of Bengaluru, is the home district of state health minister K. Sudhakar, who is a medical doctor by profession.

In Bagalkot district in the northwest region, 112 of the 516 registered workers took the vaccine, accounting for 22 percent, which is the lowest in the state.

In Bengaluru, which has been the epi-center of the pandemic over the last 9 months, 5,296 of the 18,687 targetted beneficiaries, received the vaccine, accounting for 28 percent, which is the second-lowest in the state.



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