Know how to become famous on Facebook


There would hardly be any person today who doesn’t want to be on Facebook. The social media site is has now become so popular that it can now challenge the whole world.

But there often rises a question as to how to make oneself stand out distinctly in this world of Facebook.

Let’s check out some ways to become famous on Facebook.

Don’t make friends randomly

Facebook friendship is also somewhat like real life friendship. Just don’t randomly make friends because someone has good pictures and attractive profile. The probability of getting rejected will be more.

Don’t just keep on ‘Liking’

You must get rid of this habit. If your friend has posted a picture, you must have umpteen times only liked them. Develop a habit of commenting on pictures. Your friend will feel even better.

Give interesting links, post news and share your opinion

Social media has become a very important platform for sharing news and views. For example there a breaking news on a terror attack. Share the news and post your opinion too. It will increase your popularity.

Give regular updates on cinema and book reviews

It is in the nature of human being to follow those people who are like minded. One such thing is cinema or books. If you write about them or share your views about them it will attract a lot of people.

Get nice profile pictures

Profile pictures work as a product packet or a video thumbnail. These pictures are the ones which make your first impression. So be very careful while choosing your profile pictures. Share good pictures of your holidays, an interesting place you visited or a funny thing you did. This will keep your friends engaged and also increase your popularity.

Help your friends through Facebook

This social media can be a very good platform to extend help to your friends. For example a friend of yours has an emergency and suddenly needs blood. Spread this message through Facebook and arrange for his requirement.

Make your friends feel special

Wish your friends on their birthday, anniversary, promotion etc. This will make them feel very special and they will hold you in high esteem.

Keep away from certain things

It is also important what not to do on Facebook. Stay away from these things –religious biases, hurt messages and racist comments. These things will dampen your popularity. So be very careful on what not to say.


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