Kenyans don’t kill cows, but drink their blood: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat


New Delhi: Reacting for the first time to the controversies surrounding cow slaughter in India, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat has said that even African country like Kenya doesn’t kill cows.

Addressing a gathering at a cultural festival held in Nagpur, Bhagwat said that in Kenya, people drink cow’s blood, but they don’t kill cows.

“In certain situations Kenyans drink blood of cows. But, they take out blood in such a way that it doesn’t let the cows die. Cow slaughter is ban in Kenya,” said Bhagwat.

Earlier, the RSS mouthpiece Panchjanya, in its cover story, had said that the killing of Mohammad Iqlakh in Dadri over beef consumption rumours could not have been “without reason” and even the “Vedas mandate killing of those who slaughter cows”.

An article in RSS organ said, “The Vedas order killing of anyone who slaughters the cow.Cow slaughter is a big issue for the Hindu community. For many of us it’s a question of life and death.”

Holding that all present day Muslims were Hindus some generations back, the article said, “Who has taught converted Indians to spit on their own culture and values? After all, all Indian Muslims including Iqlakh were Hindus until few generations ago.Iqlakh’s ancestors too were cow protectors who like the many courageous people used to punish cow killers.

“How did these converts become so hateful as to turn cow killers from cow protectors?” the article said.


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