Karan Johar joins ‘intolerance’ debate, says freedom of expression and democracy are ‘biggest jokes’


Mumbai: Karan Johar is the latest to join the league of actors and film personalities who have spoken about the alleged “growing intolerance” in the country by making a controversial remark.
Speaking at the Zee Jaipur Literature Festival, the producer-director said that ‘freedom of expression’ is “the biggest joke” in today’s world, reported ANI.

Johar added, “Revealing your mind in today’s time can land you in jail. We are in a tough country to speak about our personal lives. I feel very sad about it, because being a public figure, you are expected to help a certain movement.”

“Talk about Freedom of expression, which is the biggest joke in the world, I believe…Democracy is the second biggest joke…I think. I really wonder how are we really democratic? Where is the freedom of expression? I am a film maker and I feel bound at every level.”


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