Kabul airport under militant attack


Kabul: Explosions and gunfire rang out after the Taliban today attacked Kabul airport in the militants’ latest brazen attempt to steal the initiative with the country in the grip of a presidential power struggle.

Gunmen used rockets to attack the Kabul International Airport in the Afghan capital, according to military officials.

The gunmen occupied two buildings, which were under construction, 700 meters (yards) north of the airport, and were using them as a base to fire rockets and gunfire toward the airport and ISAF jet fighters flying over Kabul.

The predawn attack comes during a tense time in Afghanistan as a recount is underway from the second round of a disputed presidential election.

Officials said several rockets hit the airport but no planes had been damaged so far.

Explosions and gunfire rung out near the airport with black smoke seen rising over the facility.

Two attackers were reportedly killed by Afghan forces.

Besides civilian traffic, the airport is used as a base for NATO-led forces that have been fighting for more than a decade against Taliban and others.

Officials said the fighting was going on and that the gunmen had been surrounded by Afghan forces.


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