Jessica Chastain wants to find love for grandmother


Los Angeles: Actress Jessica Chastain is eager to find someone special for her grandmother.

The 39-year-old lived with her grandmother Marilyn when she first moved here and dubbed her as her “best friend”. Chastain has set up a profile on a dating website in search of love for her grandmother, reports

“My grandmother is one of my best friends in the world. So I thought, ‘We’re gonna move to LA and we’re gonna hang out and it’ll be nice to have my grandmother there for some support’,” Chastain said on TV show “The Late Late Show with James Corden”.

“But then I became obsessed with finding my grandma a boyfriend. So I would do photo shoots with my grandma and take all these pictures. And then I did a secret profile on

“Guys would call her and ask her if she wanted to go out at that moment, and I was like ‘No, you have to play a little hard to get.’ I would give her advice. But it didn’t work, because she doesn’t have a boyfriend,” she added.

“The Martian” actress then took Corden’s help to send out a message to anyone watching who might be interested in dating her grandmother.

“Anyone who has a really handsome grandpa, or anyone! Let’s say 80 years old is the oldest.

“She has a huge crush on Matthew McConaughey, and she has a picture of her and Al Pacino at her bedside table. So she’s got high standards. Let’s say the cut off (for the youngest) is 45. Just don’t be a pervert please. You can send your inquiries to James Corden,” she said on the show.


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