ISIS militants want to marry, open a ‘marriage bureau’ in Al-Bab


New Delhi: The fighters of ISIS terrorist group who has been spreading violence in Iraq, Syria and middle-east countries have started to feel the need of wives.

According to the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the Islamic State has opened “women’s office” that operates from the city of Al-Bab, near Al Saraya building in Aleppo province of Syria, so that single women and widows can marry their fighters.

Not just marriage, the terrorists have it all planned and they are also offering honeymoon bus tours through the beaten-up streets of their Caliphate across Iraq and Syria – a journey that would speak volumes about the violence and terrorism with lanes dotted with destroyed Shiite mosques.

Running twice-weekly tours from Syria’s Raqa to Iraq’s Anbar, IS buses fly the group’s black flag and play jihadist songs throughout the journey.

According to previous reports, militants have often sought wives or forced women to marry them in areas controlled by ISIS.

The fear of sexual violence by ISIS militants ran high in Iraq after the extremist militants marched through the country in June.

ISIS has imposed severe restrictions on women’s personal freedoms in the Raqqa province of Syria, including the order that all women must wear the naqab or the face veil in public at all times.

The terrorist group proclaimed a “caliphate” by stradlling two neighbouring Arab states last month.

The group has been accused of responsibility for a number of atrocities, including mass kidnappings and killings, stonings and crucifixions.


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