IOA Treasurer says probe into HFI’s matters will amount to interference


New Delhi, July 4 (IANS) Indian Olympic Association (IOA) Treasurer Anandeshwar Panday hit back at Associate Executive Council member Bholanath Singh’s allegations of financial fraud. Alleging that it is someone else who is behind Singh’s mails against several members of the IOA in recent days, Panday said that the current allegations and demand of an investigation will amount to the IOA interfering in the daily functioning of the Handball Federation of India (HFI).

“Delhi High Court has taken serious note of IOA President’s interference in NSFs (National Sports Federations) and SOA (State Olympic Associations). Contempt case has been filed. 57 NSFs have been derecognised because of interference,” said Panday in an email addressed to IOA officials and several NSFs and SOAs.

“This matter is not settled and now IOA wants to interfere in the autonomous working of Federations and State Olympic (Associations). This is a very serious matter and reflects dangerous thinking. High Court will take note of this also. IOA has in the last 40 years never interfered in working of the federations. IOC does not interfere in the functioning of the International Federations.”

Panday said that any problems within the HFI is its internal matter and will be dealt with by its Executive Council, not the IOA.



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