Indian Railways helping ‘Out of the way’ & serving patients during this Lockdown.



Indian Railways is playing a proactive role in the lives of many needy patients & a vital role in transporting the most essential medicines and equipment across India during this time of global crisis due to Coronavirus Pandemic. Railways have received appreciation and accolades for their spontaneous and proactive action in reaching the life saving medicines on time to many patients as well as for providing innovative solutions like online payment facility for Parcel booking ensuring seamless transport of medicines and PPE equipment.

On 12th May 2020, Mr. Sushil Padi tweeted thanking Indian Railways for handing over the medicines to his father in Solapur from Mumbai within 24 hours of his request. At the same time in another tweet mentioned: “Thanks to Railways for the quick response and special mention for Mr. Jitendra Mishra and Uttam Das (CSMT parcel office) for their extraordinary support”. Mr. Sushil Padi’s father was a Naval Employee ailing from Blood Cancer went to his native place at Solapur but couldn’t come back due to the enforcement of Lockdown. Having understood the essential medicine required by his father for the treatment of Blood Cancer was fast exhausting, Mr. Sushil Padi sought help by tweeting to @Central_Railway twitter handle, which was quickly forwarded to @drmmumbaicr. Immediately, on understanding the urgency of the situation the team Mumbai division, acted upon it. Commercial Inspector (Parcel) Mr. Jitendra Mishra co-ordinated with Parcel Clerk Mr. Uttam Das to send medicines to the residence of Mr. Padi. That parcel was quickly transported to Solapur through the scheduled special Parcel train to make the medicine available to the needy Patient. Mr. Sushil Padi was marvelled at the way Railways have quickly acted upon it and thanked Railways for the quick response and delivering the medicine within 24 hours.

On 6th May 2020, Mr. Suraj Pawar tweeted “Thanks to Indian Railway & Konkan Railway for helping us in this situation. Specially thanks to parcel department staff and CSMT Commercial Inspector Mr. Jitendra Mishraji for your active cooperation!!!”. Prior to that Mr. Suraj Pawar tweeted seeking info on Parcel Train to Vaibhavwadi to send an urgent Cancer medicine for his aunt, a Tata Hospital cancer patient residing at Vaibhavwadi. Having got the medicine from Tata Hospital, Mr. Suraj was wondering how to reach this medicine to his ailing aunt, then he enquired on twitter about the parcel trains. On receiving the tweet, Indian Railways twitter handle @RailwaySeva immediately obtained the mobile no. & registered in RailMadad. On receiving the message, Central Railway Mumbai Division Parcel Office, Commercial Inspector already a saviour of many during this lockdown period spontaneously acted on it and found 00933 Okha – Ernakulam Parcel train passing through Konkan region but doesn’t stop at Vaibhavwadi. He immediately coordinated with Konkan Railway Control office to give an unscheduled halt at Vaibhavwadi to the said Parcel Train to deliver the life saving medicine. Thus, the medicine has reached Suraj Pawar’s aunt, a Cancer patient surviving on medicines.

Similarly, Central Railway during the course of this lockdown has quenched the thirst of survival of many ailing patients by providing help in a most unconventional way and earned praises. One Mr. Pratik was helped in a most dramatic manner by the Commercial Inspector, Jitendra Mishra to reach the medicine for a heart patient father at Chiplun by obtaining an unscheduled halt to a Goods Train. Mr. Pratik mentioned in his thanking message to Mr. Mishra “Marte dum tak yaad rakhunga”. These words symbolise the sense of gratitude, citizens of India have towards Indian Railways and its employees.


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