Supertech twin tower demolition: A year on, no action yet against erring officials


The top court had ordered demolition of the high rises citing irregularities and flouting of norms.

Cases were registered against 26 officials following a probe conducted by the Special Investigation Team (SIT).

However, no action has been taken yet against the officials who were held responsible for the irregularities.

In the SIT report, it was mentioned that rules were violated by Supertech, while the Authority officials made avenues to make the building earn benefits. In lieu of this, the Authority officials also got financial benefits.

Following a meeting that was held, the SIT team asked the authorities to submit all the documents.

Later, on the basis of the SIT’s report, an FIR was lodged in the Vigilance office, Lucknow, on behalf of the Planning Department of Noida Authority.

In the FIR, a number of officials, including then CEO Mohinder Singh were named.

Currently, the board of ‘Vijay Path’ has been put up in the place where the Twin Towers had earlier stood.

One UBS Tewatia, who fought a long battle in this case, said that action should have been taken against the accused officials.

“Today, one year has passed but it is sad that no action has been taken so far. The investigation should be completed soon. The Vijay Path shows how the people of the (residential) society united and achieved victory after a long struggle,” he said.

Even as four officials have been suspended, the action is not deemed satisfactory.

The investigation into the alleged involvement of 11 of the 26 officials was handed by the government to Saumya Srivastava, OSD of Greater Noida Authority on March 23. Little progress, though, has been achieved or noticed.

However, even at the Vigilance level, investigation is still underway.

Also, the Vigilance team has not visited Noida for the last four months.

Besides, no senior official seemed to be keen to speak anything about the matter.




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