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New Delhi, July 15 (IANSlife) It is a wish we all share, to stay young forever. Is it impossible? Chronologically, maybe. But this is why we savour our daily beauty rituals. Because they keep us moving forward in life while looking as if little time has passed. A generation ago, women became concerned about ageing only after they began to see the signs, but today’s savvy women are thinking ahead, putting haircare right up there with skincare as a source of eternal youth. We now know that preserving our youthful hair keeps us looking and feeling our best for the world. Healthy, voluptuous hair is a goal we can work at – and achieve – every day. Because ageing is no longer about the passage of years but now the passing of days.


The passage of time is no longer a concern reserved for the middle-aged among us. Women are seeking out youth-preserving products beginning, on average, around age 26, half the age than the previous generation. To answer to the new demand, Kérastase has identified 6 dimensions of ageing scalp and hair, targeting each one with powerful formulas from the rejuvenated Chronologiste range.

Chronologiste has long been the premier solution for unrivalled hair revitalization and regeneration. Kérastase has once again combined advanced technology and luxurious sensoriality for an updated hair care system that completely revitalizes hair from scalp to tip. Infused with lovely textures and uplifting fragrances, Chronologiste gives women an indulgent experience that helps them achieve the most beautiful, vital head of hair possible now, tomorrow and forever.


DRYNESS: Sebum production and cell renewal slow from the hormonal changes. The result is flakiness, irritation and a rough texture on the scalp.
SYMPTOMS: Flakiness, dead skin, irritation, roughness.
CAUSES: Slower sebum production, slower cell renewal, hormonal changes.

SENSITIVITY: As the dermis thins and the skin’s barrier weakens, external factors such as prolonged pollution exposure can cause redness, soreness and itchiness as the scalp becomes more sensitive over time.
SYMPTOMS: Redness, soreness, itchiness, fragility.
CAUSES: Thinning dermis, weakened skin barrier, prolonged pollution exposure.

SLACKNESS: A reduction in natural hyaluronic acid and collagen production, along with UV exposure can cause a loss of elasticity in the scalp. The skin becomes more wrinkled and malleable, which can be uncomfortable.
SYMPTOMS: Loss of elasticity, malleability, wrinkling, discomfort.
CAUSES: Reduced hyaluronic acid and collagen, prolonged UV exposure.

DULLNESS: Due to vitamin deficiency, stress and UV exposure, the hair fibres can become dull over time. Poor light reflection leads to the reduced vibrancy and a lack of real shine.
SYMPTOMS: Lack of shine, poor light reflection, reduced vibrance.
CAUSES: Natural vitamin deficiency, regular stress, prolonged UV exposure.

BRITTLENESS: Over time, the hair fibre becomes more porous and dry, with a weakened cuticle. Hair is more likely to break and feels rough to the touch.
SYMPTOMS: dryness, damage, increased breakage, roughness.
CAUSES: Slower sebum production, more porous fibre, weakened cuticle.

THINNING: Hair follicles reduce in size, while protein levels in the fibres decrease with hormonal changes. The hair appears flat and limp, lacking volume and shape.
SYMPTOMS: Flatness, limp look, reduced volume, unshapeliness.
CAUSES: Smaller hair follicles, reduced protein levels, hormonal changes.

How has Chronologiste changed since the original launched?

I still remember the first launch of Chronologiste! Le range was smaller, but it was already the most luxurious Kérastase range. Now, we have two new products, so it’s becoming more luxurious and more youthful. We’re really working with anti-ageing of the scalp and the hair.

What age is best to begin the treatment with Chronologiste?

I don’t think we have a specific age to start because we have prevention to think of. Just as you have a serum for your skincare, you should have one for hair and scalp care. Le Serum Universel has really powerful benefits for the scalp and hair at the same time. It’s skincare inspired.

What makes Chronologiste the best youth revitaliazing haircare system?

It has the best ingredients in it. Hyaluronic acid plumps the fibre and hydrates the scalp, vitamin E acts as an antioxidant, and Abyssinia will regenerate and revitalize the hair. You can take all of this for yourself and enjoy the sensorial experience, and enjoy the result.

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