Maharashtra’s Kalpana turns role model for fellow villagers, Adani Foundation behind her success


New Delhi, June 21 (IANS) Kalpana Chaudhari, an erstwhile common resident of Maharashtra’s Gondia district, is a popular name today and has rather emerged as an epitome of success.

Her fledgling business of lac bangles is making waves in her own and the neighbouring villages and also motivating fellow women villagers to follow in her footsteps.

Interestingly, her success story owes a lot to the women empowerment steps undertaken by the Adani Foundation via promotion of Self-Help Groups (SHGs).

Kalpana Chaudhari, a resident of Khairbodi village in Tiroda taluka, learnt the art of making lac bangles as part of the SHG facilitated by the Adani Foundation and then went to set up her own shop.

Today, she is running her own business of lac bangles and other cosmetic items, thus making herself financially independent and empowered. Her bangle business has given wings to her dreams and, today, she has become an inspiration for many other women who want to become independent like her.

Narrating her journey, she says that Adani Foundation inducted her into a project titled ‘Sangini’, where she learnt the art of making lac bangles and then, with their assistance and advice, opened her own shop.

Kalpana feels herself truly empowered today, as she not only runs her business but has also learnt other skills including operating computer and driving vehicles.

She says that her life has undergone sea-change over the years and expressed gratitude to the Adani Foundation for all the assistance, including the monetary aid for her children’s education.

Interestingly, Kalpana Chaudhari is not the only woman in Maharashtra’s Tiroda to have seen tremendous change of fortune in their lives. There are at least 45 other women, like Kalpana, who are a part of SHGs associated with lac bangle making units, facilitated by the Adani Foundation.



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